Taser Gun 5M


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– Cost efficient alternative to expensive Taser Gun
– Electric stun dart firing capability
– NEW: Stun gun mode (Use Up Close Exactly Like a Stun Gun)
– Cheap replacement cartridges (2 Included for FREE!!!)
– Red LED targeting

Extremely formidable shock power from a safe range of 5 Meters will take down over 97% of all attackers in less than a second. Compact and easy to use by anyone, it is the ultimate everyday self-defense weapon.
Easily concealed in a pocket or purse, its “knockdown” power is readily available to quickly take down assailants instantly and effortlessly. Completely nonlethal with no lasting side effects, so it is safe to keep in your home, car, office, purse, or briefcase. Because it is not classified as a firearm it is Legal.
* Power 4.8V rechargeable battery
* Output Voltage 80KV
* NET Weight 0.19KG
* Launched from within 5 meters (2.5 meters to 3 meters best)
* Electric shock to extend the time for 30 seconds
* Effect of about 1-inch arc through clothing
* Needle length 9MM