The Astonishingly Comfortable Back Support Cushion

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Most chair cushions do a mediocre job at supporting your backside. But they usually are bulky, get too hot, and have a hole cut out in the cushion to accommodate your tail bone. The Egg Sitter support cushion supports your backside so well that you can sit on an egg without breaking it! Sit on the hardest surface and still feel comfortable. Egg Sitter has a honeycomb design made of ultra-flex polymer that stays cool to the touch, allowing air to circulate. It collapses in on itself to absorb pressure points. Use on your chair in the dining room, the in the car, and at the office. It’s time to say goodbye to sore muscles from sitting all day at your computer or lower back pain from driving long trips. Egg Sitter includes a nonslip, washable cover. For optimal support, start sitting on an Egg Sitter support cushion.

Make hard and uncomfortable seats a thing of the past with the incredibly comfortable gel cushion, the Egg Sitter. This handy cushion can take even the hardest chairs and transform them into a space of comfort and relaxation. You can use the Egg Sitter at home and even at the office. Since we spend such long periods of time sitting behind a desk, it is important that the seating is soft and supportive.

The Egg Sutter Cushion is durable, allowing for air circulation and the absorption of pressure points. Thanks to its unique design, this cushion stays cool and never loses its shape. The Egg Sitter is uniquely named as such as you could place an egg on the cushion and sit on it without cracking its shell!


  • The distinctive flex support provides stability to your spine and back.
  • The cushions novel design of the flex-grip honeycomb allows for air to circulate and so remains cool.
  • No other cushion can make a promise as bold as to say you won’t break an egg when placing it on the cushion and sitting on it.
  • Thanks to the strong and durable nature of this cushion, it is able to maintain its shape. This is perfect for those of you who suffer from back pain or those needing an orthopaedic seat.


  • Unique honeycomb construction
  • Allows proper air circulation
  • Made of ultra-flex polymer
  • Absorbs pressure points
  • Strong & durable design
  • Fits most chairs
  • Retains shape


  • Dimensions: 38cm x 16.5cm

What’s in the box
1x Astonishingly Comfortable Back Support Cushion
1x Non-Slip Travel Bag & Cover