U-Shaped Hand-Blown Wine Decanter

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Product Description:

This delightful wine decanter will not only allow you to serve your favourite red or white bottles of wine at an optimum level. It will allow you to serve it in a modern and fashionable way. Sleekly styled, mouth-blown and lead-free crystal glass decanter has its own unique charm. The elegant and beautifully crafted Horn Wine Decanter will be a graceful addition to your barware. Bringing a touch of drama and sophistication to any gathering.

Great for all occasions:

Most wines don’t need decanting, but they often benefit from aeration. Our swan-shaped decanter improves the flavour of wine and prevents you from getting a mouthful of the stem, seed, and pulp sediment. Our stylish pourer/aerator is great for any occasion – used as a decorative pitcher filled with orange juice for Sunday morning brunch or on a guest’s nightstand filled with water. Fine wine or water, there’s reason enough to buy your very own top-rated luxury decanter.

Shaped like a Lyre, our decanter is not only pretty, but it is also easy to use. Pour your basic 750ml bottle of wine into the decanter through the larger opening where it is then given time to aerate prior to being poured from the small spout and into a glass. Our decanters are light, well balanced, easy to grasp, and the thin pouring lip also allows for drip-free pouring. And our wine dispenser is dishwasher safe and simple to clean!

Whether you are shopping for Christmas, Birthday, Father’s Day, Wedding or any other special occasion, the decanter makes the perfect gift. Your wine-loving gift recipient will know that aeration and oxygenation are an important part of experiencing the full flavours and aromas in a wine. By gifting our red wine carafes, you just helped to make their bottle of wine that much more enjoyable.

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