Triple Barrel Hair Waver


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Product Description

Find standard curling irons difficult to use: If you feel uncoordinated trying to wrap your hair around a curling iron, triple barrel irons make it easier with just a clamping action.

Have medium-to-long hair: Because of the size of these devices, they’re best suited for those that have some length to their locks.

Here are a few other reasons you might want to invest in a 3 barrel hair waver:

Great Hair Tamer: One of the best things about a 3 barrel curling iron is that, aside from giving your locks a bit of curl and flair, it’s also a great tool for taming frizz into shiny, smooth tresses with its tourmaline-ceramic technology which means no more flyways!

No Twirling Required: They look intimidating at first, but the crimping action is easy to pick up even if you don’t have a lot of experience.

Versatility: You can vary your look by holding the curler either vertically or horizontally to create waves going in different directions. You can also create uniform, consistent curls for a more precise, piece-y look, or subtle, tousled waves that you brush out after styling.

Feature to Consider:
Swivel Cord
A swivel cord may not be a must, but it’s certainly a convenient option. This prevents the cord from twisting around itself and allows you to approach your hair from any angle you want.