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Due to their matte beauty and low cost, 280cm round polyester tablecloths in white have become the most popular tablecloth in the wedding and event industry. They are designed to fully drape the most common table used in banquet halls and wedding reception centers, the 180cm round table with 75hcm height.

In simple terms, an a180cm round tablecloth will drop all the way to the floor, giving the table an elegant appearance. Aside from the fact that they are fully drapable, wedding planners and fine-dining professionals prefer to use 280 cm rounds over other wedding linen tablecloths due to their durability and stain-resistant properties.

Our 280cm round polyester tablecloths in white are made from high-quality and durable woven white polyester material. These round tablecloths are seamless (crafted from a single piece of polyester fabric), feature serged edges, and can be washed countless times.

Why rent tablecloths for weddings when you can buy them cheaper? Why pay linen rental prices when you can purchase table linens for hotels, restaurants, and catering services at lower costs?
tablecloth comes with a joint in the model

Product Specifications:

– Material: 100% woven polyester
– GSM. 180 (A measure of the weight and thickness of the fabric)
– Colour: White
– Size.280cm

What’s in the box
1 x Table Cloth