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UV MG Counterfeit Detector Money Counting Machine LED Display Money Counter

Counting notes is an easy, accurate, and time-saving task via our bill counter, suitable for most currencies worldwide. Our electronic money counting machine will make your note-counting task a breeze.

This note counter processes a high volume of notes for accurate, rapid, and efficient note counting and sorting simultaneously.

It has a counting speed of more than 1000 notes per minute and quickly identifies bills using the UV & MG detection functions.

This money counting machine has widely been used in shops, banks, vending owners, and other businesses. Increase efficiency and save time counting your notes with this new gadget.

XWhen the machine starts up, which means detection functions are activated [double notes detection, size detection, half-note detection, chained note detection, UV(Ultraviolet) & MG(Magnetic) detection function].

When those problems happen, the machine stops counting and emits a beeping sound. Meanwhile, the BATCH display will show error messages.

Then remove the suspicious bill and press the “RESTART” button to continue counting.

High counting speed and accuracy make this machine perfect for small to large businesses operating in any currency.

This simple-to-use note counter offers several ways of counting the banknotes; it can count notes manually or set to measure in batches between 1-999pcs.

The addition function can be helpful, especially when counting a large number of notes in batches – it will

Unit Dimensions: H16cm x W18cm x D30cm (approx.)

Included in the box: Note counter Auxiliary teller display with built-in 1.6m RJ11 cable Cleaning and service kit 1.7m long power cable

Power: 230V~50Hz – 70W

Notes: as for new plastic pounds, there may be occasional errors for counterfeit detection, not for the counting function.


Suitable for GBP as well as notes from other countries
Counterfeit detecting function (UV & MG)
Auto/Manual start counting mode
Addition function
Batch function
Chained note detection
Size detection
Double-note detection
Half-note detection
4-digit LED Counting display (up to 9999 notes)
3-digit LED Batch preset display (up to 999 notes/batch)
CE approval

Counting speed: > 1000pcs/min
Countable note size: Suitable for GBP as well as paper notes from other countries
Hopper capacity: >130pcs (actual capacity up to 200pcs as other sellers described)
Stacker capacity: >130pcs (actual capacity up to 200pcs as other sellers described)
Feed system: Roller Friction System
Color: White

What’s in the box
1 X Money Counting Machine
1 X External Display
1 X Rubber Cleaning Tool
1 X Power Cord
1 X Operation Manual