150W Mini UPS for Wi-Fi Router Mobile Power Supply


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“This compact Mini UPS Portable Power Station is perfect for those who need power on the go, whether for emergencies, camping trips, or any other situation where electricity is needed. It comes equipped with three USB ports and a PD port, allowing you to keep your phone, tablet, notebook, and camera charged while moving.

The power station also includes a 230V South African plug, two DC ports, and a 12V auxiliary power outlet, making it easy to power small electronics and appliances like mini-fridges, routers, and light bulbs.

This model is durable and versatile with its rechargeable battery-powered design and built-in LED flashlight. Plus, it can be charged using three different methods: car charging, solar power charging, or traditional wall charging.

This device is perfect for getting off the grid and enjoying the great outdoors while keeping your essential gear powered and charged. It features four USB ports, including a USB 3.0 Quick Charge port and a PD port, making it an ideal backup power source during a power outage or load-shedding.

Please note that the total power consumption of all connected appliances must not exceed 150W before connecting the device to the AC port. If the power requirement exceeds 150w, 300w, or 500W, the device will automatically shut down, which could cause damage.

Using the power station as a Power Station and not as an always-on, pass-through solution is recommended. Additionally, avoid using the device while it’s charging or leaving it constantly plugged into the mains, as this can cause battery degradation.”

What’s in the box
1x Mini UPS for Wi-Fi Router mobile power supply and energy storage