Mini Stepper with Arm Strecher


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Hydraulic Mini Stepper foot climbing exercise to lose weight fitness

Does not occupy a space, easy to place

The product structure is excellent, with two “hydraulic buffer bars”.

Attached to the computer screen, great for your sports management

You need to adjust exercise intensity depending on you

Mute design, suitable for household use

Count: Display the number of times up and down movement

Time: Display your movement of the time

Scan: scanning data

Calorie: Display the quantity of heat that use up

Strides/Min: Display the average step number per minute

Carry buttock function, strong hips, shaping the body

Wriggled function, strong abdomen, and waist shape the abdominal waist

Stepper function, strong legs, shape perfect legs

Material: Steel
Capacity: 100kg
Max Loading Weight: 100kg approx.
Product Dimension (L x W x H): 19cm x 17cm x 17cm approximately

What’s in the box
1 x Mini Stepper with Arm Strecher