Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Foot Leg Massager

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Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Foot Leg Massager w/Remote
This foot massager is a very versatile one with rolling and kneading features for a relieving foot massage, it’s very easy to operate as it comes with a remote control and a touch responsive mechanism which can either be used for any operation. It also has speed adjustment options which include a particular mode that targets your arch, your foot, and your tiptoe. Yes, so many features, specially designed this way because plantar fasciitis requires a solidly customized foot massager for it to be properly treated. And so if you’re looking to turn your foot situation around and experience no further pain, then get this massager.

Product Description
Relieve tired and aching feet and calves with this foot massager. The ergonomic design targets pressure points for instant relief, and the heat and far-infrared settings increase blood circulation to ease pain.

The foot massager will apply ample pressure and energy to various pressure points on your feet to help alleviate and relieve pressure and pain thus putting your body and mind in sync and strengthening vital forces.
This foot massager works by imitating a therapist’s hands and fingers to best deal with your various aches and pains.
The fact is when your feet hurt, your body hurts all over. In order to fix this, you need the best foot massager.

Convenient ergonomic design
– Offers easy anytime and anywhere usage.

Various auto massage programs
– Includes various combinations of kneading, squeezing and rolling massages, to relieve tension and improve circulation.

Various massage modes and speed settings
– Allow to manually choose the mode you enjoy most.

Heat and far-infrared options
– For increase of blood circulation.

Multiple massage heads
– Targets various reflex points on soles of feet as well as the sides, achieving positive reflexology effects.

Energy saving and cost effective
– Uses only 40 watts of power.

– Voltage: 220v
– Frequence: 50Hz
– Power: 40W
– Texture: ABS
– Weight: 8kg
– Colour: black
– 595 x 355 x 250mm