Dmart Vibration Plate Vibration Exercise Plate 


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Product Description

A larger use area can support two people to use at the same time. Made of abs with piano paint for high durability. Four non-slip suckers on the bottom ensure the stability of the machine while using.

The whole-body vibration into vibration plate exercise machine has a powerful and silent motor. Strong vibration melts away body fat in the leg, hips, waist, and arms while improving the production of collagen, building a perfect body.

This workout fit vibration machine can help you lose weight while increasing your body flexibility. It helps your body process fat 30 times faster than running. 10 minutes on this vibration platform equals 1 hour in the gym.

1 to 999-speed settings remote easily controls the speed at the click of a button. Lcd digital display has a program selection, which can imitate walking, jogging, running, yoga, etc. This professional body vibration plate massager comes with 3 preset modes, that allow you to try different vibration exercises or combine the vibration exercise with normal workouts, sit-ups, push-ups, yoga, etc. Perfect for sports training, weight loss, and burning fat.

Multi-function machine with comfortable massage stone design. Rhythmic full-body vibration massage has been proven to relax muscles while increasing blood flow throughout the body, muscle pain relief, and recovery. The wireless remote control with a fast speed adjustment button makes your operation more convenient.

What’s in the box
1 x Vibration Plate