Blue Cart for Hoverboard Smart Self Balance Scooter


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More fun & safer – hoverkart improves on the original hoverboard in two important ways. Firstly its way more fun and easier to learn – with this kit your hoverboard becomes a go kart! More importantly hoverkart makes hoverboards safer! No more spills and falls from the unstable standing position – hoverkart allows you to have a comfortable seated position allowing for perfect balance at all times.

Very easy DIY assembling job. Manual included.

Adjustable & full control – the adjustable leg bar allows riders of all heights ride. Padded foam handle bars allow full control to start, stop and perform 360 turns with ease.

Quick assembly
Adjustable size
Capacity: max. 120kg
Easy control
Variety of colors! White, blue, red, black

Our hoverboard karts fit all sizes of hoverboard from 6.5 inches, 8.5 inches, and 10.5 inches.
They have adjustable brackets to fit any size of the hoverboard.

We are 100% confident that this is a product that will make our clients happy and satisfied with quality to value for money.

What’s in the box
1 x Kart parts and Fitting for assembling.
1 x Manual